New rook screen print available!

After a break of two years I’ve created another screen print – and o! how I loved it.

Falmouth University’s print room has some amazing equipment and I am delighted with how these prints have come out.

It’s an edition of 15, and as I write there are 10 left for sale.

The rooks were hand drawn and inked, scanned into photoshop where the coloured layers were added, and then the three colour layers (black, pink and blue) were separated out, printed onto acetate and exposed onto screens with a photosensitive coating. Where the screens were exposed the coating can be washed out, and ink pushed through the tiny holes in the screen with a squeegee.

The prints are roughly A4 in size, and mounted onto 12″ x 16″ professionally-cut white mount board. They are £45 each including postage and packing to the UK.

You can click on this link to buy them. £10 from every sale goes towards my housing co-op’s fund to increase the family space we have available.


I’m selling prints in support of the hunting ban

Hunting ban: all profits from the sale of my fox and hare prints will be donated to the League Against Cruel Sports

11/05/17 edit: £90 raised so far!

Those of you who know me will know that I cannot bear animal cruelty. Vegetarian from the age of eleven and vegan for five years now, and from a long line of animal lovers (my farmer great-grandfather wouldn’t allow the hunt on his land), hunting with dogs represents for me every pointlessly abhorrent exploitation we visit upon our fellow animals and our environment. Though it is so frequently flouted, the hunting ban was a great moral victory: a watershed moment where Britain decided that this kind of cruelty was unacceptable.

Fox print available here

Hare print available here

I loathe a lot of things about this tory government – its incompetent boneheadedness over Brexit, its treatment of people in poverty, disabled people, refugees, its stance on renewable energy and on, and on, and on.

But when Theresa May announced yesterday that, should she win the election, she will hold a free vote to reinstate the anachronism (one that continues to be inflicted on foxes and stags across the country illegally),  I thought, well, this is something I have the capacity to do something about.

I had these prints made a few years ago for a side project I was running that I needed to mothball, and I figured I would put them to good use. They’re printed in using the modern lithographic method (standard professional printing to the layperson) using a special gold ink. They’re from a couple of paintings that I created. They’re printed on 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper with a silk finish and are richly detailed.

Every penny after cost of printing, packaging and posting will go to The League Against Cruel Sports whom I feel are best placed to win this battle of hearts and minds.

I would love to get this message spread far and wide so please do feel free to share.

Frank x

Yule card – first linocut print

yule card hare linocut print

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this before now – my first ever linocut print, which I made at home without the aid of a press and which I used as my yule card! I would have liked the white to have been a bit more opaque – it’s all a learning curve! But I learnt a lot from it and I’m rather pleased with it. It’s not perfect, but it has its charm!

Linocut print of Divine – coming soon!

Part of the deal with my studying a part-time master’s at Falmouth University is access to my spiritual home, aka their print room. Some of the technology I have access to is state of the art and some, like the press I used to create these tarot-card-style lino prints of The Filthiest Person Alive, Divine, in the famous film still from Pink Flamingos, is the very opposite of state of the art – the kind of pitch-black cast-iron lion-footed mangles birthed in the Victorian era and perfect for separating fingers and/or limbs from child workers.

Available to buy soon!

I made ten linocut prints – they’re waiting to dry before I hand-colour them and then mount them ready for sale – they’ll be £38 each including UK postage. And two have been reserved already! The print itself is roughly 6″ x 8″ and the mounts I’ve ordered are the standard size of 14 x 16″ so it should be easy to get a frame to fit them.

Order yours in advance now!

They’ll be posted by Friday 20th January.

Wild Sight art exhibition – photos!

I’ve finally got around to getting the photos for the exhibition I had with willow sculptor Woody Fox in Aberystwyth last autumn off my phone and onto the internet! I’ve been so busy since then and now that I haven’t had a moment – but I’m delighted to share these with you now.

The paintings and prints are all my work and the willow is all his. We think our work fits really well together and we’re looking for galleries so we can work together again!

If you like what you see I do have a limited number of prints for sale.

The photos

hare painting

My largest work with Woody’s beautiful white stag

Woody’s white stag with my Eggesford Skull and his enormous head

My illustration of Bridget and the Fox, for the upcoming Fox Book for Graffeg, as a framed giclee print

badgers and badgers

Woody’s dragon. We had some fun hanging this one!

Our lions and another skull painting. Not that I’m obsessed with skulls or anything. This one is called Death as an Ally.

hare fox paintings acrylic

Our work fits so well together. A stag head hangs between my sibling fox and hare paintings

Me with my lovely giant hare, Yma, Ysgyfarnog, Yma. I think it took about four years to finish. Started about the time of Obama’s inauguration (I was listening to it on R4 while painting!) Photo credit: my dad

Woody and me enjoying a well-earned beer! Photo credit: Nicky Shay

“Forest” giclee print

forestprintThe first of only ten prints of this illustration has arrived – I’ve signed it and numbered it and will send it out now. It’s so richly coloured and is printed onto textured art paper. I’m really happy with it! Get your copy here!