First Season EP cover

My man is a very talented singer and guitarist and he performs with a Hereford-based band called First Season. They asked me to illustrate/design the cover for their EP and I thought I’d share it with y’all. You can listen to a couple of tracks off the EP on soundcloud here. They’re working on their first album and from what I’ve heard it’s even better.

Meanwhile, here’s the cover what I did. Tom and Dave gave me a brief about a man drunkenly putting up his fists to a wind-blown tree, so that’s what they got. The image was indian inked with a brush, scanned into Photoshop, given the cardboard background and a sort of wood-cut texture. The typeface is Adobe Caslon Antiqua.

Cover of First Season’s “Break my boughs burn my leaves” website

Palma Mule got in contact with me to ask if I’d help her with a website. She’d recently decided to set up her own counselling service in Bath and wanted a site that would reflect her professionalism but also her way of working – she helps clients work with the feelings and traumas of their lives by encouraging them to express themselves creatively. She’s a very warm, gentle person and I wanted to communicate this, too, for obvious reasons.

She had some really strong ideas about how the logo and the site would look and it was great to work with someone who had such determination to realise their vision. We quickly came up with this little site, which we both feel is warm and welcoming and professional without being clinical. Hope you like it, too!

Oh dear lord

is it really three sweet months since I have blogged? *slaps wrists* See the thing is that I know one should blog like maybe twice a week but sometimes life gets in the way a bit and I’m easily distracted and OOH LOOK KITTENS ON THE INTERNET

So, I’m going to try and update you with some of the work I’ve been doing lately. For starters, here’s the most recent issue of CIO Connect magazine. Lovely editor Mark Samuels has asked me to do a bit more illustration for the publication. You can see sections of illustrations for the up-and-coming Autumn issue on my Facebook page now (just to tease you). I’ve been able to take a bit more time with those ones; I had very little time to do the illustrations below – I like them, but I think the ones for next issue are a bit better developed!

Click on any image for a bigger view.

CIO Connect cover. Awesome photography as ever by Martin Burton

article about getting the most out of an IT vendor

article balancing the pros and cons of cloud computing

Article about working with digital natives – ie. the generation that has grown up using digital devices