Part of the deal with my studying a part-time master’s at Falmouth University is access to my spiritual home, aka their print room. Some of the technology I have access to is state of the art and some, like the press I used to create these tarot-card-style lino prints of The Filthiest Person Alive, Divine, in the famous film still from Pink Flamingos, is the very opposite of state of the art – the kind of pitch-black cast-iron lion-footed mangles birthed in the Victorian era and perfect for separating fingers and/or limbs from child workers.

Available to buy soon!

I made ten linocut prints – they’re waiting to dry before I hand-colour them and then mount them ready for sale – they’ll be £38 each including UK postage. And two have been reserved already! The print itself is roughly 6″ x 8″ and the mounts I’ve ordered are the standard size of 14 x 16″ so it should be easy to get a frame to fit them.

Order yours in advance now!

They’ll be posted by Friday 20th January.