Illustrations – work in progress

I thought I’d share snippets of some illustrations I’m working on for a non-profit organisation. They use a simple colour palette based on the client’s brand colours. The brief was to make them characterful and activisty.

jeannie_sm1sophia1VAW2VAW1 anna1bridget1elsie1

“Forest” giclee print

forestprintThe first of only ten prints of this illustration has arrived – I’ve signed it and numbered it and will send it out now. It’s so richly coloured and is printed onto textured art paper. I’m really happy with it! Get your copy here! 

Current projects

I listed the things I’ve got on over the next four weeks and I thought I’d do a little blog post to share. My job isn’t and never has been just one thing, and I like to work on very different projects simultaneously, finding that they inform and inspire each other in rather lovely ways.

A List of Things

  • A logo design for a vegan Cornish catering company
  • A logo design for a newly-self-employed counsellor
  • 5 x illustrations for WEN Wales along with a document design, with the possibility of an infographic too
  • Album artwork for the delectable Marc Block
  • Preparations for my upcoming art show in Aberystwyth with willow sculptor Woody Fox
  • A website design
  • And, er, starting my part-time Master’s (two days a week) in Falmouth School of Art at the end of September!

I have a few days clear between here and there so if you need something doing get in touch ASAP. I’m booking more substantial projects from the last week of September now.

Art Exhibition

poster for art house exhibition wild sightExciting news – I’ll be showing some of my paintings and screen prints for the first time ever in a show with amazing willow sculptor Woody Fox at the Art House Gallery in Aberystwyth in September.

Wild Sight

The exhibition will be called Wild Sight and it will run from Friday 9th September to Saturday 1st October. I’m really very excited about it. I’m starting my two-year part-time Master’s in Illustration: Authorial Content at Falmouth in September so it feels like a real time of new beginnings and adventures and such for me.


About my work

The work I’ll be showing at the exhibition is personal rather than commissioned and reflects on themes of nature, power, death and innocence. Expect hares, stags and skulls. I’ve painted for many years but have only just started to work out what I want to explore with my personal work.

There’ll be prints and cards of my work for sale at the gallery. I do hope you can make it!

Tattoo design

Pencil drawing of the waxing moonOne of my followers on Twitter got in touch asking whether he could commission me for a tattoo design. He wanted the tattoo to honour a story told by his late grandmother about the waxing and waning of the moon, and had a very clear brief about what he wanted.

Initial pencil work

I created the work in pencil and sent it over. He requested a couple of small amends which I made for him, and once the drawing was approved I inked it. He wanted the drawing to be black and white inking, i.e. no shades of grey, so the craters of the moon had to be created with hatching.

Here’s the final ink work:

moon_inkAnd here is a photo (taken in a mirror) of the final tattoo. He’s going to send me another picture when it’s healed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 09.49.37