Yma, Ysgyfarnog, Yma

CSS nearly there – just a few tweaks to make. And I roughed up a quick hare header until I have time to get the one in my head out onto paper and then into my mac. Hooray! Proof that I can work my web-designy magic in just a few hours, including fixing some java script about which I have no knowledge whatsoever… Still need to be fixing some PHP but that’ll come.

(And the title of this blog, in case you were wondering, translates to “Here, hare, here”, obviously…)


Okay, so I’ll be straight with you. WordPress has had a couple of updates of its software in fairly quick succession and the theme I use (the original layout which I’ve embroidered and shined and generally made mine) is a little ancient and creaking at the seams. There are a few things I can’t do, including adding a contact form. So I’m going to do an emergency re-design over the next few days. The theme I’m upgrading to isn’t pretty but I like the structure of it, so will need to amend the CSS to my liking. This means that if you’re checking this site between Friday 14th January and Monday 17th January it might look a bit bloody horrible. This is to save time  – I’ll be tweaking the CSS on the hoof while the site is live. I have some fab NEW stuff I want to add to my site and so this has got to happen right now, I’m afraid…

Sister Raven Lunatic illustration

Here’s a quick post to show you a fun little illustration I did for Sister Raven Lunatic of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. It’s being used on t-shirts and other sorts of caboodle what those feisty Sisters are selling to raise money for their important charitable work.

I drew this work in pencil, over-worked with indian ink and brush, and coloured up in Photoshop.

Creating a caricature/illustration of someone you have never met is a little scary, but Sister Raven’s friends insist I have captured hir perfectly. Yay!

Moon Diary

Just a quick note to mention this, what I should have mentioned before Christmas. I designed this brilliant diary full of fascinating lunar info. It’s just perfect for the moon goddesses (and gods) in your life. Get ’em here, while they’re hot.