Nice things my clients have said about me:

Professor Jana Funke, Out and About: Queering the Museum at RAMM Co-Director 

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Frank Duffy, who designed the logo for our Out and About: Queering the Museum at RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) project. We are so thrilled with the final design, which really captures the identity and ethos of our project. The process of working with Frank was brilliant: they were patient and professional as we went through different iterations of the logo and really listened to us to make sure that we were happy with the design. The way in which they translated our thoughts and ideas into a beautiful logo design was nothing short of impressive. We would highly recommend working with Frank and would happily do so again ourselves.

Karen Warner, Learning Disability Wales

Thank you Frank for being super efficient and understanding! It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Rhian Evans, Participation Officer, Children’s Commissioner for Wales

For our work on cyberbullying, we wanted an illustrator based in Wales who could create interesting and appealing art that was suitable for a whole range of ages and abilities. Frank’s work stood out immediately and ticked all of the boxes. Frank used quotes from workshops with Rhyl High School and young people at the Unity Youth Gender Equality Conference to create 12 illustrations which conveyed young people’s experiences of cyberbullying. They were able to work to a tight deadline and still produce some really powerful images for our project. We had asked Frank originally just to do the illustrations, however after seeing the quality of their work we then asked them to go to design the entire resource packs. We were really pleased to be able to use the images both with young people and also to promote our work on the project to a wider audience! Thanks Frank! 🙂

Grace Todd, Senior Learning, Participation and Interpretation Officer at National Museum Cardiff

“Frank has been contributing to the work of the Learning, Participation and Interpretation department at the National Museum Wales for several years on a range of projects. Frank is professional, efficient, and has an ability to understand and design what we require. Frank listens, and understands that our remit is engagement and thus their illustrations have to be engaging, they have to hook the reader in.

One of the most demanding projects that Frank worked on was developing illustrations for a children’s story book that we published about a dinosaur. Having written the story I had strong ideas about how the characters should look on the page. The story was an intrinsic part of one of our school’s workshops for 4-7 year olds, and as such needed to encourage engagement, and a sense of exploration and discovery for the pupils. Frank’s illustrations encourage children to go back to different pictures and to discover new things. They help children read characters’ emotions and interactions.

Recently Frank’s designed and illustrated learning and activity resources for a new high profile exhibition on archaeology. In keeping with the brief these were designed to increase the enjoyment and engagement of young visitors and their families. Frank’s playful, lively hand-inked drawings have really encouraged children to be creative, imaginative and spontaneous. They’ve also helped make big themes and topics conveyed in the exhibition accessible and easy to relate to for our younger visitors. Parents, teachers, and children have all embraced these resources, the feedback has been tremendously positive. The illustrations have encouraged visitors to look more closely at what’s being shown, prompted observation, discussion, curiosity and speculation.  One of the archaeology curators said she’d never seen archaeology conveyed in such a fun way!

Frank has also contributed to a lot of ‘one off’ projects for the department over the years. Our audience is varied: families, school groups across the ages, adults, toddlers, teenagers. In each instance Frank has demonstrated sound understanding of the audience and how to engage with them. We’re always asking Frank’s illustrations to work hard, they have to engage visitors, convey ‘big stories’, encourage imaginative, exploration and creativity, and help make the museum experience fun. Frank has demonstrated an ability to do this on every project.”

Sam Grady, Chief Pasty Pixie (Owner), The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company

“I feel extremely blessed to have found Frank! Frank took my rough idea, developed a handful of concepts (all of which would have actually been great) and worked with us to refine the logo, develop our product labels, and think about our brand. Ironically, when Frank first described one of the logo concepts I thought it would be my least favourite, but it’s now our logo! I love it and get so much positive feedback about it. Frank is extremely talented, the combination of graphic design & illustration means that Frank’s work can be corporate or creative or a combination.

Choose Frank, trust Frank, and like me you’ll never need anyone else!”

Berkeley Wilde of The Diversity Trust

Frank Duffy has provided the Diversity Trust with some fantastic visual media including our newsletter, reports and promotional designs. We have been working with Frank for some years and thoroughly recommend their work for your visual communications. Frank offers highly professional, creative and adaptable support for any business or organisation needing high quality design.

Cazz Kenzie of The Flower Bulb Company

(On the process of creating her logo) Frank took my brief and came up with something that fitted it perfectly. The process was easy, starting off with lots of choices and narrowing it down to the finished product which looks professional and relevant. I would definitely work with them again.

Vivienne Edgecombe of Inside Out Change

(On the process of creating a logo) Having initially been attracted to Frank’s site because I was looking to work with a designer who shared my ethics and values, I was so pleased to find they are a great listener and will take ideas and make them better.  They bring a lightness and humour to their work which makes working with them a pleasure, and I hope I will again soon.

Ceri Black, Head of Learning, National Museum Wales

We’ve been producing leaflets telling schools all about what we can offer them, for each of our 7 museums for years now. We found ourselves in need of a new designer who could give us a fresh and improved look, while being sensitive to our brand and the style we have developed that is recognised by schools. Frank gave us exactly that. They were attentive to our requirements, while bringing their own experience and flare to the work. They were also incredibly easy to work with and very competitive on price.  Our museums are happy with the improved marketing product, teachers like the design and our visitor figures are holding up or improving – in a schools visit market that’s generally declining.

Lucy-Ann Pickering, Education and Learning Manager, The Royal Mint Museum

Working with Frank is an absolute pleasure. I was looking for a local artist who would be able to illustrate a fact sheet and create a cartoon to accompany our new First World War exhibition, and Frank was recommended to us. They are relaxed, friendly and obliging yet very professional. It was great to see their enthusiasm in taking on a new challenge, and Frank tackled the task of condensing a 50-stage process for medal manufacture into just eight boxes with clarity and ease, inputting their own creativity to produce an exceptional result from a basic brief. Their Art Nouveau inspired design for the fact sheet was just beautiful. Dialogue with Frank is very easy and they address even the tiniest of tweaks with care and intuition.  I hope that we will work together again.

Jay McNeil, Traverse Research

(on the logo I created for his research organisation) “Seriously, that’s fucking great!”

Adam Walton, BBC Radio DJ:

I had been a fan of Frank’s work for some time (admiring the examples on their website).

When it came to sourcing an illustrator for the cover of my book, I thought Frank’s artistry, originality and imagination would compliment the philosophies encouraged by the content.

The whole process was so effortless and pleasurable. I gave Frank a relatively detailed brief, and they came back with working sketches that expanded on the brief and produced a striking final image that has earned compliments, and is immediately recognisable, wherever it has been seen.

What sets Frank apart, I think, is that they can marry their artistry to the needs of they client, but it is that artistry that means you will end up with an original image that will help you, as the client, distinguish your product in the marketplace.

Thankfully most of that corporate lingo was absent in my communications with Frank. On top of their other abundant skills, they have an intuitive understanding of what is required for the contemporary market place.

I can’t recommend their work highly enough!

Emma Jane Richards on V-Day London

Frank is an excellent designer. At V-Day London we needed a high quality design with very short notice for our upcoming festival – Frank stepped into the breach and provided us with beautiful design results beyond our expectations. They are both efficient and creative – doing business with them is an absolute pleasure.

Richard Tierney on his Demanding Women project

Frank did several things for the development of the Demanding Women brand.

First, their questioning helped me to clarify what the purpose of the company should be. Any new venture needs clarity of purpose, and briefing Frank helped us achieve that clarity. Then there was the execution of the brand and its logo, a  kind of funnel-like process where you get to alter the funnel as you go. Finally, when it came for the production of our business cards, Frank built on the initial logo design to produce a piece of work which really encapsulated where we were with the project.

The company is now set up in Singapore. It is impossible to overstate the importance given to business cards in the Far East. Without exception the logo and the cards got the right reaction from both investors, and suppliers. They opened doors.

Mark Samuels, Editor on my designing of & illustrating for CIO Connect magazine

Frank’s designs were an integral and crucial aspect of CIO Connect magazine. More than just providing an attractive layout, Frank’s bespoke page designs made every feature feel unique and important. They have a wonderful eye for detail and can be trusted to create eye-catching designs from, at times, quite technical and dry briefs. Their final designs really help ensure CIO Connect magazine looked different. Rather than just being yet another business magazine, the final product looked different without resorting to cliché. Frank really is great.

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Recent clients have included

  • Academic Audio Transcription
  • Birkbeck University
  • Buddhafield
  • Cardiff University
  • The Children’s Commissioner for Wales
  • The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company
  • Creative Palma
  • Devon Rape Crisis
  • The Diversity Trust
  • Exeter Living Magazine
  • Exeter University
  • Genius Within CIC
  • The Greenhouse, Bristol
  • Learning Disability Wales
  • LGBT+ Consortium
  • MShed, Bristol
  • National Army Museum
  • NHS
  • National Museum Cardiff
  • National Theatre Wales
  • National Waterfront Museum, Swansea
  • The Open University
  • Queer Pagan Camp
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter
  • The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London
  • The Royal Mint
  • Spillers Records
  • St Fagans National Museum of History
  • Unite the Union
  • Wales Millennium Centre
  • Wales TUC Cymru
  • The Warren, Carmarthen
  • Wizard’s Tower
  • Women’s Equality Network Wales