Fat Tuesday

Everyone loves a Mardi Gras…

…and I was very happy to be asked to design the brochure for Cardiff’s huge annual event. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this year’s party but have been assured that a fabulous time was had by all.


I wanted to create an image for the cover that would scream Mardi Gras without using people. I wanted bright and bold and elegant; I wanted something that would need no translation. Hence this rather dashing bird.
















































I had the wonderful opportunity to advertise with the brochure, too. Here’s my effort:

Interrupted service

Well, I promised more blogging more regularly but then something tragic and brutal happened. Some of you know about it; most of you won’t. Suffice it to say I had to take a few weeks off and am only now just easing myself back into work.

Bear with me, you beautiful people x