I received a phone call on Saturday from Sara – a friend of a friend. “I hear you’re a brilliant graphic designer?” she said. “Um, I think so,” I think I replied. She had been let down and needed someone to design some large (6ft x 2.5ft) billboards for a local park. They were to stand next to two beautiful Cedars of Lebanon – old, much-loved but ailing trees which are in danger of dropping their substantial branches on passing school-children and picnic-eaters.

The billboards present tomograms to the public – sound-wave generated images which show how rotten the trees are. The public are asked to contribute their ideas about what should happen to the trees.

I brush-and-inked the tree illustration and transferred it to Illustrator, where I added the copy, the Ealing Council and Heritage Lottery Fund logos, and the tomogram images. I did most of the work yesterday until late last night, making final amends today. All gone off to print now – and they should be up under the trees on Saturday. Phew!

I’ve got another project for Sara and Ealing in the pipeline which I’ll probably be able to post up tomorrow.

tree billboard