leopard slugs mating screen print857767_635673613205047_4679060264601736735_oSome of you may know I joined the Printhaus screen printing collective last October and that since then I’ve been honing my craft, experimenting with different techniques and generally getting covered with ink.

Well, it’s my very great pleasure to be able to offer these prints for sale to you, mostly as signed limited-edition hand-crafted pieces (there’s a couple of risograph prints in there too).

It’s the nature of screen-printing that every piece will be very slightly different – the inks aren’t always perfectly in alignment – there might be a wobbly edge here or a thick texture there – and the unexpected nature of the medium really appeals to me. Often, as with the Green Fuse and Slug Love prints, I have really no idea how the final prints will look – there’s only so much you can test in Photoshop – and that’s exciting.

I’m trying to create one new print a week; keep an eye on my facebook page or subscribe to my newsletter to be first in the queue for the next beauty.

Screen printing is enabling me to use my illustration style to create personal work and then push that work much further than I have done in the past, to a point where I have limited control over the final result, and I LOVE it. Can you tell?