Newsletters for National Museums Wales

opened out newslettersNow this was a lovely job. I was asked by the Head of Learning at the National Museum of Wales if I’d be interested in quoting for a series of leaflets for schools. There’s one ten-page bilingual concertina publication for every museum in the group (The National Museum in Cardiff’s city centre, Big Pit coal-mining museum in Blaenafon, Caerleon’s Roman Legion museum, the National Slate museum in Llanberis, the National Wool museum in Camarthanshire and St Fagans’ National History museum on the outskirts of the capital). They’re printed to inform school teachers of the varied workshops and guided tours each museum offers, catering to various parts of the curriculum.

I was asked to maintain ties with the brand guidelines but, at the same time, create something fresh and clear and easy-to-use. There’s a lot of information on each page so I prioritised obvious boundaries, creating different boxes for different kinds of information.

I recommended a print supplier to the Museum and the resulting published leaflets seem to have gone down rather well.