I’ve been a bit quiet on here and on my Facebook page, basically because I’m so busy (which I can’t complain about!).

I need to blog about my exhibition up in Aberystwyth and the start of my part-time MA in Falmouth but for now here’s a list of projects I’m working on and what’s coming up:

  • I’m currently working on the design of a website for a Bristol-based rape and sexual abuse charity. I’m creating the designs in Photoshop, doing the picture research and the lovely Gwyn at Agave Web is doing all the backendy magic. He’s the chap I worked with on SARSAS’ consent website pauseplaystop.org
  • I’ve just finished The Diversity Trust’s newsletter and will be creating a magazine-style report for them in November
  • I’m working on the design of a resource for Women’s Equality Network Wales
  • I created the design and illustrations for Marc Block’s new album – link to snaps on Facebook page here
  • I’m doing a lot of quotes at the moment, including some for a large wildlife charity involving both print design and detailed interpretation panels
  • I’ve designed the logo for a new Cornish vegan brand and we’re working on the label designs at the moment
  • I’m designing a logo for a life coach
  • I’m helping an architect with his website

I also have a lot of college work on at the moment so I am unavailable for new work between Tues 25th October and Thurs 10th November and then again between Mon 5th December and Tues 3rd January inclusively. Get in touch if you’d like to book me outside of those dates!