New website design

New website design

Welcome to my new and improved website!

I had started to get frustrated with my old one – the theme just wasn’t flexible enough for my needs. This one is constructed with a fabulous premium theme called Ronneby, and I am delighted with its capabilities. One could design quite literally hundreds of websites with it and they could all look completely different. 

I used to design themes myself but with responsive requirements that’s become beyond my ken as a simple CSS fiddler. And there’s no need when themes like this exist.

But just because there’s very little coding involved that doesn’t mean there’s no work involved – it’s taken me days to get this up and running and to the design I wanted. Now I know the theme better (they’re all constructed differently and take some getting used to) I can work more quickly around it. I anticipate doing a little more fiddling with it just to get it how I want it but I’m over the moon with it – I love the subtle animations (there’s loads to choose from), the functionality of the slider plugin (very much like After Effects), the ease of the page builder, the way the portfolio works and just the general elegance of the whole thing. I wouldn’t say it’s a theme for WordPress newbies (although there are templates you can download and install to upload your own content so maybe I’m wrong there) but it is very straight forward.

If it’s a theme you’d like to work with but you’re feeling a little intimidated about getting it up and running do get in touch and we can talk about how I can help you get something all lovely and handsome like this.