You may have seen me boasting about my beautiful new interpretation brochure on social media. Here’s a blog post sharing a bit more about it.

Showcasing interpretation work

Its aim is twofold – to showcase my work to potential clients and also to demonstrate what can be done when you decide to employ more unusual papers and printing techniques.

The brochure is printed on 100% recycled unbleached Cairn Kraft paper from Paperback. It’s been printed by Ashley House printers in Exeter using the HP Indigo – a fabulous new digital press that can print with white ink. WHITE INK. As any long-standing designer will tell you, the ability to print with white (other than through techniques like screen printing) has been something almost as long-desired and elusive as the Holy Grail so this new technology is very exciting indeed.

I used the white in three ways – to make my logo stand out, as white text on a coloured background, and as an underlayer for the regular cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, to lift the colours as if they were printed on standard white stock. Where I used the coloured inks directly onto the stock the effect is subtle and muted and generally less in-your-face.

The brochure is 210mm square and also features white stitches.

It’s focused on interpretation – work that I love, that I feel I’m good at and that I’d like more of. Mostly it’s just the work with some rather lovely testimonials from clients. It features everything from a quick fluid line drawing of an ant to huge 2 metre high display boards about plesiosaurs; from a children’s workshop illustration of a dinosaur to an exploded vector map of Wales’ most prestigious arts venue.
I’m really grateful to have been able to work with such a creative and ecologically-minded printers like Ashley House, and for all their help and encouragement with this project.

It’s my first ever promotional brochure, so I’m over the moon to hear that they are going to be entering it into several competitions. How exciting!

I’m initially only printing 100 of these, so if you commission interpretation work, or you know someone who does, and you’d like a copy, get in touch tout-suite!

Buy the print of the cover!

forest art print availableAfter several requests I’ve decided to release a very limited edition numbered and signed print of the cover illustration. Click here if you’re interested in purchasing one of these rare beauties. At time of writing there’s only nine left…