allI’ve been involved in an ongoing project with Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Assault Support – an intiative attempting to raise awareness of the importance of sexual consent among different population demographics. Post the infamous behaviour of footballer Ched Evans, the I Get Consent campaign seeks to inform what consent is and what it is not, according to the law.

Together, we created:

  • the pause, play, stop logo
  • the website design, along side coding genius Gwyn Fisher of Agave Web
  • a free A6 booklet sharing facts, suggestions and advice
  • a promotional cassette-style postcard
  • various promo items – stickers, beermats, badges
  • advertising for local press, to go in taxis and on the backs of receipts

Jorden at SARSAS said: “Thank you for all your help with this campaign, we have had great feedback regarding the design”.

You can visit the pause-play-stop website here, and follow the campaign on Twitter here.beermatsbooklet