…or, my job is the best in the world.

Last winter I created dinosaur illustrations for Cardiff’s National Museum of Wales. They helped tell the tale of Albie, a nervous Apatosaurus, and his adventures through the noisy Jurassic jungle. This tale in turn helped illustrate to young children the noises we believe dinosaurs made.

Last month, the Museum got in touch again. They wanted some quick, simple line-art dinosaur masks that, after visiting the Museum’s fantastic dinosaur displays, children could paint, crayon, stick lentils and pasta shapes to and generally do all the messy things little nippers like to do when Making Something.

I got books out from the library, looked up images on line and penciled out the drawings for approval. To retain some of the skull shape of the dinos, I put the eye-holes where the nostrils are on most of the masks. After approval I inked them with brush and indian ink.

I can’t believe I get paid to do this stuff.