Well, so I’m waiting for someone to send me a logo so I can finish of a layout they’ve asked me to do, and instead of frittering my time away looking at cowboy boots on ebay I thought I’d do constructive, ie., show y’all a purty picture.

The lovely Noreen of be amazing today commissioned me to create an illustration for her: something she could use on her website, newsletters and other publications. She gave me a very loose brief, and basically told me to use my instinct. I both love it and hate it when clients say that – it’s wonderful when people place such faith in you, but it makes things quite pressurised! Anyhow, I started doodling in graphite pencil, brought the doodle into Photoshop and added colour and more texture, as well as her logo. I then sent Noreen the result. She loved it – phew! Here it is: