cheap web design charity non-profit startup uk devonI recently saw an email from a charity worker who said that their agency wanted to charge them £30,000 for a homepage. Thirty. Thousand. Pounds.

While I would love to charge over the average full-time wage for one page of a website, I don’t know how to sail a super yacht, and I couldn’t fit my surfboard into a Ferrari.

I’m sure there are plenty of good and wondrous reasons why one page of a website would cost that much, but I am a simple creature and my clients are often small of budget.

I offer a range of services from very cheap and basic to bespoke built-from-scratch-from-the-ground-up affairs. The platform I use is WordPress, which is good for most things, and is simple for the client to amend text, add new pages and create blog posts.

The cost of the sites will shift depending on what your requirements are. I charge for my time and for any expenses – so things like hosting, domain names, premium-cost themes and the purchase of photography are costs that would be passed on.

Cheap web design

The cheapest solution is the quickest, and is great for people who don’t have much confidence working with websites. Using WordPress’s own themes – 2017 is a favourite – I can set you up with hosting (the “space” on the internet where your site is stored), buy a domain name (your site address – mine is for you or transfer one you’ve bought, install wordpress and set up the wordpress theme for you with your choice of text and images.

I’ve created a few sites this way for people who really want a basic site, don’t have too much money and are just a bit bamboozled by the technology. They don’t want to pay thousands – they just want a simple elegant online presence without spending hours learning how to set it up for themselves.

I can also:

  • provide hosting
  • set you up with good SEO (search engine optimisation – making it easier for people to find you on Google etc)
  • help you with plugins that will enable you to easily backup your site and protect it from spam comments
  • set you up with contact forms
  • help you with picture research – finding and buying suitable photographs to use on your site
  • show you some training videos to help you with understanding how to work with your site
  • set you up with a “site coming soon” page OR build your site on a sub domain and then move it to its proper address once you’re ready to launch it.

Here’s a site built in this price bracket

This service costs from £250. There is no VAT on top of this.

Slightly less cheap web design

The next step up is working with a more complicated (but still off-the-peg) theme. WordPress’ own themes are very quick and simple to work with and install; other theme makers create their themes in slightly different ways so it takes a little longer to work on these.

At this bracket I can also set you up with ecommerce using the Woocommerce plugin.

This service costs from £375.

Still very reasonable indeed web design

I use a premium page-builder type theme such as Divi or Ronneby to build you a much more bespoke site. Pretty much everything can be amended, adjusted, and built to your specifications. I start with photoshopping suggested designs and once you’re happy with the ideas we go from there.

My own site uses Ronneby, as does this one, though I am considering redesigning my site in the near future using Divi.

This service costs from £1200.

Mid-priced web design

Ground-up built-from-scratch web design, still using WordPress. I work with an amazing coder who does the back-end stuff while I get the site looking exactly as you want it.

This service costs from £3500. I can’t show you sites built in this price bracket because of client confidentiality.

If you’d like to talk more about this (including if you’d like to pay me £30,000 because thinking about it I’m sure I could get a small surfboard in a Ferrari) then please do get in touch. I’m happy to discuss options with you.