Interpretation trails

education interpretation trail design illustration expertI’m being commissioned to create more and more interpretation trails for the learning or education departments of visitor attractions, so I thought I’d create a dedicated page. Many of these trails have been created for the high-profile group of museums that is National Museums Wales

Interpretation trails – how I can help

I’ve illustrated for, and designed the layout of, many family trails now. I seem to be rather good at it. I’m happy to give advice on everything from how many activities it’s best to fit on a page, sourcing print, and interesting papers and formats to fit within a budget. Once we’ve discussed your needs I can give you a range of options in my quote.

Things to consider:

  • the age range of the audience
  • the first language of the audience
  • their anticipated prior knowledge
  • when the trail will be supplied – on booking? on arriving? is it a workbook to complete on return home/to the classroom?
  • do you have access to high-quality photography that could be used?
  • would the trail benefit from lively and/or humorous illustrations?
  • have you provided a range of activities, designed to encourage visitors to look closely, listen, touch, compare, discuss, draw, imagine?
  • How big should the trail be? Does it need to be wielded by small hands? Does it need to fit into a pocket?
  • How sturdy / waterproof should it be?
  • Will it be downloaded, printed, given away or is it returnable?
  • What is your budget?
  • If printing, how many copies will you need? how many pages? what kind of document?
  • Will you need proofreading, editing or translation services?
  • Will the trail be accessible to those with visual impairments?
  • When do you need it by?

I’ll add to these as I think of more but do get in touch if you have an idea for a beautiful trail and you’d like to discuss your budget and how feasible it could be. I’m very good at thinking up cheaper options to expensive ideas, keeping the interpretation officer and the finance officer happy at the same time!