the first walled garden at Beech Hill Community Co-operative

the first walled garden at Beech Hill Community Co-operative

I’ve decided to start shouting about my ethics because it suddenly occurred to me that my personal passion for walking as lightly on this planet of ours as can be could be something of real benefit to earth-conscious organisations.

From designing publications so that the most use, and the least waste, is produced from the paper, to using the most knowledgeable printer who buys the kindest inks, I have gleaned a good amount of info about how to do my job in a way that benefits not just the client!

For a friendly, no-obligation chat about design, illustration, ethics, cats or green tea, please do drop me a line.

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sunlight through woods in bute park cardiffThings I do (a growing list, in no particular order)

This is certainly not a “holier than thou” list. It’s more a “see, I really do take this stuff seriously!” list.

  • live in an eco-friendly housing co-operative
  • eat vegan
  • holiday in this country
  • learn permaculture
  • feed my cat organic free-range cat-food (spoilt brat)
  • use recycled stock for business cards, stationery etc
  • take public transport, walk & cycle wherever I can
  • buy second-hand clothing. Second-hand most things, in fact…
  • use one of these
  • donate some services to vital activist organisations like Transbareall’s You Are Loved project
  • looking to set up (with friends) a housing co-operative that will run on permaculture principles and will hopefully be off-grid
  • boycott companies with whose policies I disagree. For example: Nestle.
  • Request vegetable-based inks for every project
  • Bank with The Co-operative Bank
  • and last but certainly not least, I am a director of the not-for-profit social enterprise The Diversity Trust