Linocut print of Divine – coming soon!

Part of the deal with my studying a part-time master’s at Falmouth University is access to my spiritual home, aka their print room. Some of the technology I have access to is state of the art and some, like the press I used to create these tarot-card-style lino prints of The Filthiest Person Alive, Divine, in the famous film still from Pink Flamingos, is the very opposite of state of the art – the kind of pitch-black cast-iron lion-footed mangles birthed in the Victorian era and perfect for separating fingers and/or limbs from child workers.

Available to buy soon!

I made ten linocut prints – they’re waiting to dry before I hand-colour them and then mount them ready for sale – they’ll be £38 each including UK postage. And two have been reserved already! The print itself is roughly 6″ x 8″ and the mounts I’ve ordered are the standard size of 14 x 16″ so it should be easy to get a frame to fit them.

Order yours in advance now!

They’ll be posted by Friday 20th January.

Wild Sight art exhibition – photos!

I’ve finally got around to getting the photos for the exhibition I had with willow sculptor Woody Fox in Aberystwyth last autumn off my phone and onto the internet! I’ve been so busy since then and now that I haven’t had a moment – but I’m delighted to share these with you now.

The paintings and prints are all my work and the willow is all his. We think our work fits really well together and we’re looking for galleries so we can work together again!

If you like what you see I do have a limited number of prints for sale.

The photos

hare painting

My largest work with Woody’s beautiful white stag

Woody’s white stag with my Eggesford Skull and his enormous head

My illustration of Bridget and the Fox, for the upcoming Fox Book for Graffeg, as a framed giclee print

badgers and badgers

Woody’s dragon. We had some fun hanging this one!

Our lions and another skull painting. Not that I’m obsessed with skulls or anything. This one is called Death as an Ally.

hare fox paintings acrylic

Our work fits so well together. A stag head hangs between my sibling fox and hare paintings

Me with my lovely giant hare, Yma, Ysgyfarnog, Yma. I think it took about four years to finish. Started about the time of Obama’s inauguration (I was listening to it on R4 while painting!) Photo credit: my dad

Woody and me enjoying a well-earned beer! Photo credit: Nicky Shay

Email marketing for National Slate Museum

Here’s a quick little email marketing job I did just before Yule. The National Slate Museum (which is brilliant and also in one of my favourite parts of the whole world – do pay them a visit and also climb the mountain while you’re there – you may as well) in Snowdonia asked me to create an attachment that could be emailed out to schools that would promote their Victorian Christmas workshops for school groups. It needed to be bilingual and also have a Victorian – and a Christmassy – feel. They supplied the text and I trawled the web for free-to-use period graphics. And that’s what we have here!

email marketing